More about Hannah Flowers

So I'm not really an alien. Surprise, surprise. But I often feel like one. Born in 1998 at the tender age of zero, I'm in the weird space between "90s kid millennial" and "disconnected gen z." I was the middle child and the scapegoat in an abusive home growing up. I moved around often and never made many friends because I figured I would eventually leave them. Things were rough for a very long time, and since I couldn't talk about it, I wrote. I've been writing poetry for as long as I've been able to write. Only recently did I find out that other people also experience similar emotions to the ones I feel and find my writing to be "relatable" and "likeable" and "not god-awful."

Right now, I'm out of that abusive home. I'm writing in my free time during quarantine. I published my first book on Amazon. What else do you wanna know? I'm an Aquarius, I like cats, I watch too many movies and eat too much pizza, I believe in aliens (real ones) and love (the real AND fake kind), I play the ukulele, and my favourite number is 16. I don't actually like purple, but I'm a big fan of pink. Have fun with that information. 

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I used to be so cool. What happened?