• Hannah Flowers

you showed me your favourite songs and my heart glowed with warmth i think we would be so good for each other you are the most beautiful person i have ever met and one day i could love you so hard that my bones ache you make me afraid of death because for once living means something to me i want to wake up next to you and feel you lazily breathe i want to trace your features with my fingers until i memorize them i want to give you reason to keep coming home

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We Can Still Be Friends

it’s a weird place to be, stuck right in between i’m still in love with you, and i deserve more than you gave me when both are, at once, true i liked you much more before i loved you i liked you bette

the wool

you made me feel like you loved me even when you don’t. it was just enough for me, ignoring reality for a dream. though the wool was thin, it sat snug against my eyes, nonetheless. i could sculpt it i


grasping at straws trying to find the words anything, in any language, that could possibly do you justice. an impossible feat writer's block returns to me flabbergasted, swallowed whole by this feelin