• Hannah Flowers

I Moths fly into your home when you leave the door open for too long They seem harmless enough and you aren’t really bothered by their presence You don’t even notice the holes in your socks and in the armpits of your shirts Until one day when you can’t find the match to your favourite socks and your Sunday neck tie is missing You don’t blame the moths, you blame the dryer and the clothing iron Must have burned the tie beyond repair Must have lost the sock somewhere between the dryer sheets and the static Moths fly above your head and you can’t remember anything from last night Memories try to flag you down to no avail You don’t go into the laundry room anymore and your hands look like prunes You can’t remember why You go to church and sit in the very back You watch the moths the entire time No one talks to you, no one looks at you You must have dreamed it all

II You find a dead moth in your cupboard above the sink You were washing your hands to feel the cold water on your skin It’s been too hot lately You have two fans going all night, they just circulate the hot air and dry you up, leaving you dehydrated White bits of dead skin form in the corners of your mouth You pick up the moth with toilet paper between your fingers and you throw it in the trash can You can’t remember why You stir your oatmeal in a metal bowl and stare at a nick in the paint on your wall You thought you saw it moving It must have been a placebo You stopped going to church You have been wearing the same clothes for weeks but you haven’t noticed the holes forming in the armpits of your shirt The moths have piled themselves in the washing machine and dryer but you don’t go in there anymore You must have dreamed it all

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