• Hannah Flowers

looking at pictures of you makes my head spin my heart palpitates and i lose my balance i have to close my eyes and breathe deeply it’s hard letting go of something ethereal tears well up and my throat feels small and i wish i could just disappear for all you know, i have. do you still think about me? like i am playing a game of telephone i’m talking to the universe and crossing my fingers hoping that she delivers my message to you undiluted

do you believe in soulmates? i think that everyone has several some are fated to merely teach you a lesson you have taught me something of loss when do i learn how to make love stay?

i wish i could ask you to come back. i know you need time to yourself but i miss your laugh i miss your hand on my thigh i miss your asymmetrical eyes richer and sweeter than chocolate if i was smarter i’d invent a time machine just to relive being with you

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