• Hannah Flowers

looking at pictures of you makes my head spin my heart palpitates and i lose my balance i have to close my eyes and breathe deeply it’s hard letting go of something ethereal tears well up and my throat feels small and i wish i could just disappear for all you know, i have. do you still think about me? like i am playing a game of telephone i’m talking to the universe and crossing my fingers hoping that she delivers my message to you undiluted

do you believe in soulmates? i think that everyone has several some are fated to merely teach you a lesson you have taught me something of loss when do i learn how to make love stay?

i wish i could ask you to come back. i know you need time to yourself but i miss your laugh i miss your hand on my thigh i miss your asymmetrical eyes richer and sweeter than chocolate if i was smarter i’d invent a time machine just to relive being with you

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when you're ugly too

you have a monopoly on beauty but i love you when you're ugly too you had a bad day and you relapsed and now you're crying in my room you keep telling me you're sorry don't know why you act the way yo


ignoring all of my friends such an easy hole to fall in my giving nature is treasure to such a humble beggar when i keep some of myself to myself, i get greedy forget my table manners do not cherish,

i wish you were a ghost

sometimes i wish you were a ghost so this haunted feeling made any sense in the words that drip from the pen i find your silhouette staring back yet you walk among the living still sow your seeds and