• Hannah Flowers

looking at pictures of you makes my head spin my heart palpitates and i lose my balance i have to close my eyes and breathe deeply it’s hard letting go of something ethereal tears well up and my throat feels small and i wish i could just disappear for all you know, i have. do you still think about me? like i am playing a game of telephone i’m talking to the universe and crossing my fingers hoping that she delivers my message to you undiluted

do you believe in soulmates? i think that everyone has several some are fated to merely teach you a lesson you have taught me something of loss when do i learn how to make love stay?

i wish i could ask you to come back. i know you need time to yourself but i miss your laugh i miss your hand on my thigh i miss your asymmetrical eyes richer and sweeter than chocolate if i was smarter i’d invent a time machine just to relive being with you

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i miss you so loudly. the whispers of morning and your delicate hands, wisps of hair sweeping against my face as i dig myself deeper into you. i will not go softly. i tell it to anyone who listens ho


he says that he's afraid to commit so he breaks my heart just a little bit the funny thing is i've come to expect it his subconscious routine which perfectly fit i sat clean and pretty for six hours s


i've exaggerated you in my head i saw love where it wasn't yet you broke my heart gently in your bed and cradled me, soft against your chest in the morning, you fed and kissed me and when i turned aro