• Hannah Flowers

can you feel me looking at you?

can you hear me whisper to the moon?

in the same way i felt you refrain

heard the breaking of these chains

as i tried to hold onto your frame

after i had been an earthquake

and you could feel me rumbling

and your foundation fell apart

and i didn’t realize i was shaking

until i saw what i had done to your heart

the glass case shattered and it fell over

and in slow motion, i watched it breaking

and i saw myself doing it and i couldn’t stop

ruined your floors when i tried cleaning up

my fingers were cut, your rug soaked in blood

and i watched myself from outside of my body

fumbling but i couldn’t stop

and i have been a fool

i broke you down just to let go of you

i left you to rebuild your house

and did nothing as i watched you

and horrified with myself as i am

i do nothing still

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